Our Mission

Our mission is to help children learn and discover concepts from the exciting world of Science & Technology.

All this through beautifully crafted audio stories & experiences.


When Jimbo can’t reach the mangoes, he decides to flap his big giant ears and fly. But can an elephant fly? What makes a bird fly? Listen, to find out.

Have you wondered, if a fish ever sleeps? Fish are always moving around. So, when and how do they sleep? Let’s find out
Ever wondered why human blood is always Red and not any other colour? What makes it red? What is its function in the human body? Let’s find out
The is a story of an arrogant Rabbit, a hardworking Tortoise and an unforgettable race. A story that teaches us many lessons.

Why Audio

‘Listening’ is the first language skill we learn. In a world where watching screens is a habit, listening to audio stories can make a big difference.

Audio stories are informative, engaging and it makes learning easy. Audio can be both – educational and entertaining.

About Us

Have you ever wondered, how our world really works?

Why is the sky blue or why do tides happen or do fish ever sleep? Questions that are deeply rooted in science.

O!Wonder is an audio streaming platform which looks at answering questions from the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Space and Arts – in a fun & entertaining manner.

Its designed, to help kids explore, connect and learn about our world through ‘audio stories & experiences’.

Experiences that will help strengthen a child’s critical thinking and application abilities.

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